Technical data:

Power : 9V center negative jack only (standard BOSS power adapter)

external power supply only, no 9V battery.

Current : 30mA

DF-1 Overdrive

SKU: 0001
  • OVERDRIVE pedal with BOOST​

    The Drive factory is pedal that uses multi-stage gain to recreate the greatest guitar sounds preferred by guitarist. It is the perfect guitarist tone chaser tool all in a small pedal form. The Drive Factory pedal can be easily adjusted to get the sound you have in your head. Dialing in the best sound for the new riff you just created is easy with the Drive Factory. From Tube Screamer, Classic rock, Dynamic solo, Touch sensitive drive, It can recreate all the sounds heard in most style of genres love by lots of guitarists. At the lowest gain settings a clean boost can be adjusted to jump out of a crowdy mix.Two gain knobs and 3 switches are used to tailor the gain structures. Bass, Treble and volume will be used to adapt for different types of guitar pickups and type of guitar amplifier.