Technical data:

Power : 9V center negative jack only (standard BOSS power adapter)

external power supply only, no 9V battery.

Current : 20mA


SKU: 0002
  • 2 channels Distortion/Overdrive pedal  

    The Distodrive is a 2 channels / 2 drive mode pedal. The 2 channels each have their own Volume and Gain knob to have the choice of having a volume boost on the RED Channel or have the two channels equal in volume. Also a Hard/Soft switch is used to select the attack and dynamics of the pedal. Full 3 bands passive EQ is implemented to tailor the tone. A passive tone stack has been selected for its smooth slope and natural sounding tone shaping capability. 

    The Two foot switches are illuminated to show the state of the pedal. The Channel selector foot switch is either RED or BLUE representing the channel selected. The color of the knobs represent the channel. The true by-pass footswitch is lighted blue to show the pedal is on. Very simple, intuitive and easy to use pedal indeed.